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Product Exchange Trends

Tomatoes: -up remain high
Potatoes: Up $2-
Lettuces:   steady
Cauliflower : up slightly
Broccoli: steady
Grapes: up slightly for good quality
Strawberries: steady
Melons: cantaloupes and honeydews both still up
Lemons: finally coming down!
Squash. Down significantly
Peppers: up slightly
Onions: steady
Celery: steady
Apples: steady
Cucumbers: up slightly
Euro cukes: up $2
Limes-  up slightly

Product Spotlight

Bi-Color Corn (48ct case or by the each)
George Gagel’s Truck Farm (Louisville, KY)
 Collard Greens
Bloomsbury Farm
Alfalfa Sprouts

Grateful Greens
Mixed Edible Flowers
Sno Pea Shoots

Huber’s Orchard
Local Apple Cider!